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First organizational meetings.


The Society’s charter and bylaws established.


The Society’s 501c status as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization received from the Internal Revenue Department. (February 21)


Grant received from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore to support publication of Changing Times: Chronicle of Allen, Maryland, an Eastern Shore village by George Shivers.


Publication of The ancestors and descendants of Jonathan Huffington, Jr. and Henrietta Adams Huffington by George Shivers.


Major fundraising effort results in income of $50,000 dedicated to the purchase of Passerdyke Cottage and establishment of our museum. There is a remaining mortgage of approximately $30,000.


The Society successfully nominated Asbury United Methodist Church for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Buildings.


Grant received from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore to purchase display cabinets and other furnishings for Passerdyke Cottage Museum. We began to open museum to visitors several Sunday afternoons each summer.


Grant received from the Lower Delmarva Heritage Commission through the Maryland 2000 Program to place historical markers at Asbury United Methodist Church, Friendship United Methodist Church, and Allen Grist Mill.


The Society sponsored a number of activities, including a home tour, a dinner-lecture combo, and an historical pageant to celebrate Allen’s 300th anniversary

The Society sponsored a guided bus tour of Allen and its environs with accompanying commentary on our history.


Publication of Ten Years of the Allen Historian, 1995-2005, dedicated to the memory of Louis “Casey” Parsons, who was the secretary and treasurer from 1996 to 2004.

Mortgage on Passerdyke Cottage was liquidated.


We provided an exhibit and a free publication dedicated to “The Women of Allen” at the Community Hall on the occasion of the annual tea held by the Asbury United Methodist Church.


George Shivers, Velmar Morris, and Melissa Bright were interviewed and filmed as part of a project by PAC 14 titled “The History of Allen in Ebony and Ivory.” This would eventually result in a DVD featuring several lower Delmarva communities, a copy of which we would receive.


Dinner and Cemetery Walk: Dinner served at the Community Hall followed by the Cemetery Walk at both Asbury and Friendship cemeteries. (September 27)


Our 1702 Honorary Society was inaugurated with a tea and program in the Great Room of Asbury United Methodist Church, Allen, on Saturday, October 25, 2008. Those welcomed into the Society were Carolyn and Josephp Ballou, Florence Byrd Allen Cooper, and Mary Lee Kolb.


A raffle of a handmade quilt donated by Rebecca McElhone. Tickets available at $1.00 each or five for $6.00.

The Society raised $1,200 by catering a fundraiser for the local Red Cross. (June)


The Society entered a float in the Independence Day Parade sponsored by the Allen Lions Club. Theme: Our second Cemetery Walk to be held in the fall.


The Society raised over $1,000 and served more than 100 guests at second Dinner and Cemetery Walk. (September)


The Society raised over $1,200 at a fundraiser in which it donated a diamond ring to raffle.


Pre-Christmas party was held at the Walsh home with a raffle. (December 5)


Money from our fundraisers as well as from donations specifically for the Huffington-Pollitt house restoration enabled replacement of broken windows and removal of old aluminum siding to be replaced with vinyl siding, making the house once again an attractive part of the community. Interior renovation awaited!


The Society held its first spring dinner event, characterized as an old-fashioned country supper. We served over 100 people and made about $1,200. (March)


The Society entered a float in the Independence Day Parade. Theme: Allen Gothic, a parody of the famous painting by Grant Wood. George Shivers (pitchfork in hand!) and Jeanette Sherbondy portrayed the couple, standing in front of a recreation of the farm house and barn done by Jeanette.


Velmar Polk Morris, James Trader, and George Shivers were installed in our 1702 Honorary Society on July 18, 2010.


Celebrated Halloween by staging our third Cemetery Walk. For the first time, we scheduled the presentations before dinner and changed the menu from beef stew, salad, and apple crisp to turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, rolls, and assorted desserts. Approximately 100 people attended and heard the stories told by Mrs. Elizabeth Dennis born into slavery during the Civil War; Rev. Pummer, a minister at Asbury driven out of town by southern sympathizers in the congregation in 1866; Mrs. Eliza Pollitt Huffington owner of the house now being restored by the Society; Miss Martha Huffington, a village school teacher in the early 20th century; and Mrs. Lucy Malone Moran. Mrs. Dennis was portrayed by Althea Chandler; Mrs. Huffington by Melissa Bright; Rev. Pummer by Dr. Laurence Stookey; Miss Huffington by Sharon Walsh; and Mrs. Moran by her granddaughter, Kathy Simms. Following dinner our resident storyteller Melissa Bright entertained with tales of Allen, including our local ghosts. (October 30)


The Society produced and sold a calendar for 2011 with the title "Lost Allen."  Each month featured a photograph of a building of historic significance that had disappeared from our landscape, a reminder of the need to better appreciate our heritage and of our commitment to preservation as expressed in our mission statement.

The Society held its Christmas party at the home of Mac and Sylvia McEntegart.


The Society held its second annual spring dinner, featuring ham and chicken salad. We served more than 100 guests, and the food received rave reviews! We raised over $1,200 to support our programs, including the restoration of the Huffington-Pollitt house. (April)


Thanks to the efforts of member and secretary Sharon Walsh, the Society spearheaded a campaign to clean up the roadways around and through the village. Sharon sought the help of various community organizations (the Allen Lions Club, the Allen Volunteer Fire Company, Friendship United Methodist Church and Asbury United Methodist Church) who all responded enthusiastically. More than 20 people gathered on a bright, spring Saturday morning to pick up the trash tossed thoughtlessly in and around our community. (May)


Our float in the Independence Day Parade was driven by Joe Ballou once again. We recycled the backdrop from last year’s theme. This year’s theme was a celebration of Allen’s diversity. We were grateful to the Pepsi Bottling Company of Salisbury for providing banners. Representing the ethnic diversity of our community’s history were George Shivers (dressed as a colonial Englishman); Julius Chandler (clad in the uniform of a Buffalo soldier); and Susan Huffman (representative of her Native American ancestors).


On Sunday, August 14, Rosalie Fields and Melissa Bright were installed in our 1702 Honorary Society in recognition of their many contributions to our work.


Dinner and Cemetery Walk: Melissa Bright portrayed Caroline Hayman Huffington who was the wife of John Huffington. He fought in the Confederate army during the Civil War. John Culp portrayed Captain Lindley Allen Lentz who had a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy and Merchant Marine. Althea Chandler portrayed her grandmother, Harriet Boone Polk. George Shivers portrayed Thornton Phoebus who housed Union soldiers in Allen during the Civil War. Rick Pollitt portrayed his great-grandfather, Peter Malone, a carpenter and musician who built the steeple on the church alongside B.F. Messick in 1884. (October 1)


Our Society received a substantial legacy from the estate of Captain Lindley Allen Lentz, who died on October 15, 2010. The money is to be devoted to the renovation of the Huffington-Pollitt House.


Several members of the Society met in the Community Hall to make Christmas wreaths. Ten wreaths were sold, raising over $300. The event was so successful that plans were being made to involve more members in wreath-making as a fundraiser in 2012.


The Christmas party was held at the home of George Shivers and Jeanette Sherbondy. (December 10)