There are also exhibits of vintage photographs and memorabilia of village life during the 19th and 20th centuries with particular emphasis on education, religion, domestic life, and agriculture. There is also an exhibit on Allen's African American community starting with slavery and continuing through the foundation of a free black community along Upper Ferry Road beginning in the 1830's.

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Passerdyke Cottage dates to 1830. Interesting features of the house are the half-tree sleepers and the handmade nails used in construction. There is also an original fireplace and enclosed staircase. It has been enlarged by several additions in the 20th century.


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The Allen Historical Society's headquarters, Passerdyke Cottage at 3474 on Allen Road, is an early 19th century dwelling in the heart of the village at the intersection of Allen Road and Residential Drive. Currently an archival and exhibition space is on the second floor which is accessible by an exterior stairway. Those interested in the genealogy of local families or in the history of the village of Allen and its vicinity are cordially invited to consult our files.

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